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Thick fog envelopes North India. Foggy morning greets national Capital. 52 trains were delayed, 5 rescheduled and 1 cancelled due to poor visibility.

Libyan Afriqiyah Airways plane hijacked diverted to Malta; 118 passengers onboard

Libyan, Afriqiyah Airways, Malta, Afriqiyah Airways

Libyan airplane of Afriqiyah Airways with 118 passengers on board has been hijacked on Friday and diverted to Malta.

Norway officials take five-year child of NRI family in custody

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov holds meetings in Moscow

In the third of such case in five years, an NRI family in Norway has alleged that their five-year-old child has been snatched away from them by the Norway government, who have accused them of beating him up.

Aamir’s Dangal opens with high expectations


Aamir Khan’s Dangal opens up with high expectations today.  The review for the movie adds to the high expectations viewers already have from Aamir. After delivering PK in 2014, Dangal is looked upon as another milestone.

10 alternate ways to celebrate Christmas


As kids we all enjoy the Christmas holidays, but as we grow older, we start feeling differently about the celebration altogether. The fascination about presents gets fainter, we no longer believe in Santa Claus, and the entire thing gets a bit repetitive.


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