Berlin attack: Moroccans had warned the German BND

Mondafrique, German intelligence services, Moroccan DST , Tunisian Anis Amri
Mondafrique, German intelligence services, Moroccan DST , Tunisian Anis Amri

According to information available to Mondafrique, the German intelligence services had been alerted by the Moroccan DST in two letters dated 19 September and 11 October on a possible passage of the Tunisian Anis Amri.

In the search for Islamist terrorists, the Moroccan intelligence services have taken a real lead over their European counterparts. Trustworthy sources in Western intelligence services confirmed in Mondafrique that the Moroccan DST had officially alerted the BND, the German Federal Foreign Service, to the alleged jihadist drift of Tunisian Anis Amri on 19 September Author of the attack on the ram’s truck, on Monday 19 December on the Christmas market in Berlin.

One step ahead

For months, agents of the Moroccan DST had identified Anis Amri as a fervent supporter of the Islamic state. According to information gathered by the Moroccan bloodhounds and supplied to the Germans in another correspondence dated the 11th of October, Anis Amri had been clandestinely resident in Germany for fourteen months and was attending Dortmund two dangerous followers of Daech: a Russian Repressed by the German authorities to Russia (of which Mondafrique has the picture) and a Moroccan whose passport was confiscated by the Berlin police.

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The Tunisian suspected of the attack of last Monday had tried to rally from Tunisia the zone Syro-Iraq the day after the outbreak of the war in Syria. He was subsequently arrested by the Italian authorities and sentenced to four years in prison when he tried to leave for Turkey to join the Middle East.

Still according to the sources of Mondafrique, the Moroccans had for months acquired the conviction that Anis Amri was going to take the act. It is also launched in the two correspondence of the Moroccan services to their German counterparts, respectively in September and October last.

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