7 greatest books by Indian authors of 2016 you shouldn’t miss

2016 has come to an end with so many ups and downs throughout the year, there was some exceptional work by the writers who penned down some extraordinary books.

So we bring you some of the greatest books of 2016, which you should read ASAP:

1. Mr Iyer Goes To War by Ryan Lobo


This book is Ryan Lobo’s debut book with imagination and humour as his protagonist embarks on an adventure of a lifetime.

2. Jihadi Jane by Tabish Khair


It’s the story of two girls set against a world of terrorism, militant brides and religious fanaticism, Khair’s tautly crafted book is both brutal and compassionate.

3. A Book Of Light: When A Loved One Has A Different Mind by Jerry Pinto


After Pinto’s book Em and the Big Hoom was published, several readers, moved by the story, sent him accounts of their own experiences with mental health and illness in their families. In this collection, Pinto shares a few of those stories.

4. A Long Era of Darkness by Shashi Tharoor


Tharoor’s latest is an extensively researched and beautifully narrated look at the grim realities of colonial India that debunks several misconceptions we’ve long held on to as facts.

5. Gujarat Files: Anatomy Of A Cover Up by Rana Ayyub


Ayyub conducted an undercover investigation into Gujarat riots. This book is an account inside the riots.

6. Invisible People by Harsh Mander


Mandler’s book connects young India to a world that is often ignored.

7. It’s All In The Planets by Preeti Shenoy


It’s a love story, which is beautifully fleshed out!


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