When Sonam Kapoor thanked the ‘terrorists’ and this is not funny

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Things went really awkward for Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor at a award function after she got the Best Actress Award for her performance in and as Neerja in the biopic on the air-hostess who lost her life saving the passengers aboard the hijacked Pan Am Flight 73.

While receiving the award an overjoyed Sonam thanked the usual suspects and then added:

“I have to thank the terrorists and passengers for this award!”

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Another actress present (who was also nominated in the Best Actress category dramatically turned around and said:

“What! Are the terrorists and passengers here?” before collapsing in laughter. Actually, Sonam was thanking the actors who played terrorists and passengers in the film!

However, that didn’t come across the way it was meant to. Clearly, whoever gave this line to Sonam thinking it will sound clever didn’t think it through because it sounded silly.

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Well Sonam should take a lesson from this incident and should prepare for acceptance speech well in advance.


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