An enchanting dance evening with enigmatic Kathtak performances

Saturday evening Gurgaon witnessed enthralling dance performances by the wonderful young team of Rasik Performing Arts which spiced up the Christmas Eve in Gurgaon Epicentre.  There were  eminent performers “kathak” dance.


According to Guru Jayashree Acharya,  the Guruji of the institution, the focus has been on the kathak classes, but also on bringing the community in Gurgaon into close contact with renowned artists. Over several workshops and baithaks, many of them described on the website, Rasik has created an oasis in the cultural desert of Gurgaon where the guru-shishyaparampara is nurtured and the classical arts revered and learnt in their purest form.
Over 70 dancers from the age of 5 upwards participated in this show, which was held on 24th December 2016 at Epicentre Gurgaon.
Prayas is the annual show presented by Rasik Performing Arts under the guidance of kathak guru Jayashree Acharya. An evening of Sangeet and Nritya, Prayas aimed to showcase young talent and bring renowned artist to Gurgaon’s audiences.guruji
This year,  Prayas was dedicated to the Late Pandit Shankar Ghosh. Renowned artist Bickram Ghosh, Panditji’s son, was the chief guest and also performed at the show.


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