10 worst advertisements of 2016

Pierce Brosna, James Bond 007, Hrithik Roshan, AIADMK AND DMKX Airtel 4G girlX Rohit ShettyX Ranveer SinghX Tamannaah BhatiaX Indian TelecomX Jio used Narendra Modi’s, Chennai Plastic Surgery ClinicX Jack and Jones India
Chennai Plastic Surgery Clinic

1. Jack and Jones


Jack and Jones India made quite a sexist ad. It featured Ranveer
Singh. The billboard was put across 12 cities.  The creative features
Ranveer carrying a woman on his shoulders about to enter an elevator
as the suggestive copy states ‘Don’t Hold Back, take your work home’.
The woman is shown smiling while the elevator boy, smirking, is shown
opening the door. Soon Twitter started posting pictures of the
billboard and remarking how sexist it was.

2. Chennai Plastic Surgery


The Chennai Plastic Surgery Clinic set some odd beauty standards through their ad. The ad has a picture of a fit six-pack chest. It through their ad. The ad has a picture of a fit six-pack chest. It shows a list of the ‘perfectly beautiful’ features that one should have and can get through plastic surgery. The clinic is famous for its outstanding and not so outstanding surgeries.

3. Jio Telecom


The Indian Telecom, Jio used Narendra Modi’s face for their promotion. The ad shows a huge picture of Modi smiling and above that is written, ‘Dedicated to India and 1.2 billion Indians’.  Jio was fined 500 Rupees for using the Prime Minister’s picture for their ad.

4. Stay-On Power Capsules



They used the recent news breaking topic of ‘Demonetisation’ to
promote pills for sexual wellness. It became a national joke. In a
great play of words, the brand has come out in support of the
demonetization, drawing comparisons between the economic move and the
effects of the pill. The people could not help but make out double
meaning out of it.

5. Stereotypical women ads


Women’s representation in popular culture facilitates the stereotype
of the simple-minded, emotional, and domesticated female. These ads
show that women only spend their day shopping, after doing their
household chores, obviously.


6. Ching’s Secret- Desi Chinese


Rohit Shetty made the most expensive ad film with Ranveer Singh and
Tamannaah Bhatia. It is a five-minute ad that shows Ranveer in a mess
of cultural appropriation and cross-dressing. Despite its oddness, the
ad had about 6 million views on Youtube in the first week.

7. Airtel 4G


The Airtel 4G girl, Sasha Chettri, is apparently the most hated person on the internet. The campaign featured her as an aggressive Airtel-promoting character who interrupted strangers, friends, and family in the middle of random activities and asked them to use Airtel 4G.

8. Tamil Nadu’s Political Parties


AIADMK AND DMK, both showed the same old woman in their campaign ads. Kasturi Paatti, a 67-year-old, a regular in the Tamil cinema circuit, has become an overnight social media sensation with memes, videos and articles doing the rounds about how she is the ‘favourite model’ for the DMK and the AIADMK.

9. Washing powder, Nirma


Nirma, the detergent brand has now ditched Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma to partner with Hrithik Roshan for their brand, Nirma Advance. The ad has Roshan showing his groovy moves while dancing with a kid to promote the product.

10. Pan Bahar


It features Pierce Brosnan, aka James Bond 007. The ad was however
banned in India after being massively trolled. The man who once
defined style using his charm had now taken to Pan Bahar to look cool.

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