PIA new security strategy of sacrificing goat before takeoff is making twitteratti laugh

PIA, ATR-42, Civil Aviation Authority
PIA, ATR-42, Civil Aviation Authority


Recently PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) tweeted a picture of sacrificing a goat for the safety of Airlines is doing rounds on the internet.

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The pictures show the beheading of a black goat on the Islamabad Airport tarmac, is their way according to PIA officials to improve the safety of the airline and a practice of good omen. Twitter reacted instantly and it’s too hilarious for Twitterati to digest this act of improving the safety of the flight. People posted hilarious tweets:



Even Pakistan Defense did not shy away to make mockery of this act by PIA

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After the crash of ATR-42 which killed 47 people on board on December 4th the Civil Aviation Authority decided to ground ATR-42 fleet which affected the airline badly. The planes were subjected to a shakedown test for clearance.

The ATR-42 resumed flight finally and in such auspicious occasion, the staff decided to sacrifice a goat to protect the plane from evil spirits.


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