Pokemon Go coming soon for Apple Watch

Pokemon Go, Niantic, Apple, Apple watch, develop, Pokemon
Pokemon Go, Niantic, Apple, Apple watch, develop, Pokemon

In another surprise for Pokemon Go enthusiasts,  Niantic-the developer of  Pokemon Go, reveled that the famous game will soon be available for Apple Watch.

Niantic  tweeted that Pokemon Go will still come to the Apple Watch. There is no indication as to a Pokemon Go for Apple Watch release date or what to expect when it hits. The headline has been updated to clarify this.

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“Pokémon Go for Apple Watch is coming soon. Stay tuned,” tweeted the official Pokemon Go Twitter account that’s run by Niantic.

It seems that what Niantic showed off during Apple’s event was an “unfinished port” as per sources speaking to 9to5Mac. Odd considering it was described as companion app touting features such as being able to tap the Apple Watch as you approached a PokeStop.

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Pokemon Go for Apple Watch was announced at Apple’s iPhone 7 event earlier in the year. Developer Niantic took to the stage to reveal this.


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