‘Frozen woman’ mannequin fools police in New York

Hudson, frozen to death, New York, frozen woman, life-size mannequin,
Hudson, frozen to death, New York, frozen woman, life-size mannequin,

New York: Police in the US state of New York broke into a vehicle to ‘rescue’ an apparently frozen woman, only to find it was a life-size mannequin, media reports said.

A caller described as “upset” called police to report a woman “frozen to death” in a parked car in the city of Hudson.

Officers rushed to the scene found a seat-belted figure wearing an oxygen mask sitting motionless in the passenger seat.

Police said the car was covered in snow, suggesting it had been left overnight in temperatures of about -13C.

Police said the mannequin was extremely realistic, with real clothing, glasses, shoes, teeth and skin blemishes. It was even wearing a seat belt.

They later tracked down the owner, who complained about the police action.

The mannequin’s owner said he used it as a medical training aid.

“It is my understanding that the owner was incredulous that we took action in this matter,” police chief L Edward Moore said in a statement.

“He apparently was quite vocal and vulgar to my sergeant.”

Chief Moore had this message for mannequin owners.

“Just to clear the record, all citizens of Hudson should be put on notice that if you park your locked vehicle on the street on a sub-zero night with a life-size realistic mannequin seated in it… We will break your window.

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