7 extremely beautiful places you are not allowed to visit

There are many places in the world people are still dreaming of visiting. Mother Earth has given so much to humans like snow-capped mountains, rivers, trees, meadows, but how will you feel if you are deprived of visiting these places. It’s not a joke its reality, let’s have a look at the places where people are not allowed to enter:

1. Snake Island, Brazil


The Golden Vipers are present every 5-metre in this 43-hectare island, the Brazilian government has strictly restricted entry in this place.

2. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan


Members of the Japan’s Imperial Family, the high priest and priestess. It is divided into two main shrines and 125 secondary shrines.

3.  North Sentinel Island, Andaman


The Sentinelese people are unaware of globalisation, in 2004, after the Indian Ocean earthquake they attacked the research aircraft that entered the area to analyse the damage caused. In fact, in 2006 when two fishermen lost their way and entered the island, the tribal people killed them.

4. Heard Island Volcano, Australia


This place has been seeing an active 2,745-foot-high complex volcano since 2000. It is located between located between Madagascar and Antarctica. The 368-square-mile place is filled with mountains, 41 glaciers, penguins and some house seals.

5. Lascaux Caves, France


This place is believed to be 17,000 years ago, it has images of animals proven by fossil excavations to have been thriving inside the caves 17,000 years before. UNESCO has listed this place as a World Heritage Site.

6. Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China


The place is dedicated to China’s first Emporer Qin Shi Huang, who died in 210 BC, and was buried under the hill in Central China. The burial consists of underground caverns and is surrounded by Terracotta sculptures of Huang’s armies, horses, servants, and staff – popularly called ‘Terracotta Army’.

7. Parts of Lakshadweep islands


Regardless of being an Indian, you can’t visit some places in Lakshwadeep islands. A handful of outsiders is allowed to enter these beautiful islands that are filled with white sands and blue waters.


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