Mobile App for tourists to help in Ajmer, Pushkar

IoT device, Internet of Things, Ajmer, Pushkar, tourist attractions, Rajasthan government, mobile App,
IoT device, Internet of Things, Ajmer, Pushkar, tourist attractions, Rajasthan government, mobile App,

Jaipur: Rajasthan government has recently launched a mobile App that provides latest information about tourist attractions in Ajmer and Pushkar with rich content including pictures, audio and video streams and cultural stories.

The App is comprehensive and one-stop solution for tourism needs, a senior official said.

“More than 40 places of Ajmer and Pushkar have been covered in the App which instantly provides real-time and highly contextual content to the user,” Shiv Shankar Heda, Chairman of the Ajmer Development Authority said.

Tourists just need to download an app LeZgo which provides tourism content with multiple features and convenient utilities.

Useful utilities, like free WiFi, weather information, language translator, forex converter, compass, cab booking, upgraded customs information for foreign visitors, SOS function are among other features of the App, which provides inputs in 12 prominent languages.

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After Ajmer, the App will be localised for Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pali and Bharatpur soon, the official said, adding currently it has nearby 1500 users.

The user can search for tourist destinations, get custom designed holiday packages, book a cab in a jiffy, check out the latest and upcoming events in the vicinity, listen along custom designed audio streams “for enjoyment and deep immersion into the culture,” he said.

The App works on the iBecons and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IoT is a device which is installed at the tourists points which provides information to the tourist having the App in their smart phones.

Strategically placed IoT devices gives a personalised welcome message from the state government and local administration making the tourist feel special.

The App, designed by Bengaluru based Sohamsaa Systems, has been recently launched in Ajmer jointly by the Ajmer district administration and the Development Authority.

“The tourists must get an immerse experience of culture, history, languages, food, music, spirituality, sciences, wisdom, Yoga and wellness apart from all the excitement,” Parag Prasad, CEO and MD of the company said.

“When the user comes in the range of IoT device, all the rich contents, audio-video streams and others gets automatically downloaded. The user need not any guide as he receive the most authentic content related with the monument or the place,” he added.

Information ranging from details about cities, places and attractions, rich text with pictures and cultural stories, audio streams, interactive fun and trivia features, travel bookings on flights, trains, buses and cabs, upcoming events in the vicinity of the city.

“The project enables us to provide an exhilarating experience to the user that his understanding and appreciation of India will increase multi-fold. Such tourists will then visit us more often and will also spread the word to their networks of friends and family,” Prasad said.

The App is Hyper-Local as it enables local searches for many facilities and utilities as well as provides information on upcoming events in that city, he said.

SanjayJohri, Deputy Director Tourism department (Ajmer), said that the department has provided details about the tourist places.

The desert state of Rajasthan has many of the prominent tourist destinations in the country which is frequented by lakhs of both foreigners and domestic tourists throughout the year though the peak tourist season remains from October to March.

Besides massive forts and stunning palaces, the state is famous for its rich and diverse art and culture, colourful fairs and festivals, cuisines, wildlife, museums and heritage properties.

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