This lady is the Demonetisation hero and needs to be saluted

Meanwhile, amid all the hassles faced by people due to the Demonetisation move which was  taken by the Modi Government, this old lady sets an example of a good Samaritan in Lucknow.

This lady was found distributing roses to the bank employees and the intention was only to show her gratitude towards the hard work they are doing since the Demonetisation drive has come into play.

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Watch The Video Here:

The long queues outside the banks and ATM are really frustrating for the people when it burns down to their own hard earned money. There have been so many instances where the public has lost their cool outside banks  and the bank employees had a tough time to control them. Among all the odds this benevolent gesture can definitely bring smiles on the faces of these bank workers.

Good job  done madame!!

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