Meeting the man of the moment, Donald Trump

NewsMobile, Donald Trump, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, POTUS, saurabh shukla, newsmobile
NewsMobile, Donald Trump, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, POTUS, saurabh shukla, newsmobile

For any journalist meeting the man who is now the most powerful man in the world is a real scoop and sure I got one. I have interacted with and interviewed many global leaders, but in the world of fiercely competitive journalism it is a platinum standard, and for NewsMobile and me it was a journalistic coup to interview the man who is the President of the United States.

So in the final lap of election when I met Mr Trump for an interview in the US, he came across as a straight thinker, and as I was whisked by his team of media handlers to a dark corner of the campaign venue and ushered in a room swarming with secret service agents after rounds of screenings and hours of waiting, finally I met the man who provided enormous ‘colour’ to the US elections.

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As he greeted me and we shook hands, he looked his confident best telling me, why he would prove the mainstream media wrong and win the elections. Sure he did as he Trumped Hillary with a Big Bang.

Mr Trump came across as a straight talker, he clearly speaks his mind, was civilised even when I asked him some difficult questions, even being honest that it was a locker room talk and he had explained his position on the issue, when I asked him on the conversations and that he should apologise if he was a real man.

He did dodge some of the questions which any smart interviewee would do but I believe his heart is in the right place. Donald Trump has built a successful business empire and to me, he came across as someone who will be business like but will serve his country ‘s self-interest first and the economic diplomacy will guide his world view and now he deserves a fair chance.

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During my interview, I quizzed him about Terrorism, on a Trump doctrine and his desire to work with Prime Minister MODI and his responses made me believe that this POTUS will be good for India and the World. He is a man who thinks through his instincts, he spoke passionately about his concerns on nuclear terrorism and how he is worried about terrorists getting their hands on a nuclear weapon. Clearly, he has got his priorities right, and as President, I believe he will be decisive on issues like terrorism. Sure the world will be watching, but expect some surprises from the new POTUS.

Here’s the Full interview with US President-elect Donald Trump:


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