5 delicious dishes to try this Christmas

Christmas is a festival of lights, Christmas carols, gifts and most importantly food. Have you thought of any food or sweet dish to try this Christmas? So here are 5 feel-good foods for this Christmas:

1. Christmas pudding


Christmas delicacies are the best thing during the festival and Christmas pudding comes in the list of one of the best dish on Christmas.

2. Mince pies


Mince pies are the most expensive pies, the thinner the pastry the greater the fruit content.

3. Turkey


Turkey is high in protein and low in fat, apart from this Turkey is the most delicious thing you’ll have on Christmas eve.

4. Cranberry sauce


Cranberries contain good amounts of vitamin C and can be eaten with sweet toast and can be put on jelly and cakes.

5. Smoked salmon


It is a good source of proteins and a delicious dish too!



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