The road to Triumph, why Trump is good for India

Narendra Modi, Shalabh Shalli Kumar , new US President DONALD Trump, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump,
Narendra Modi, Shalabh Shalli Kumar , new US President DONALD Trump, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump,

The World watched the election for the most powerful job in the World more closely than ever before, and as the two key candidates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party candidate and Billionaire businessman Donald Trump, her Republican challenger slugged it out on the last lap it had the making of an epic election.

Epic, as it will change the way the world will look at the US and the US will look at the world, under the new US President DONALD Trump.

The Cliffhanger Campaign

From Trump’s locker room tales and a gaffe-ridden campaign to Hillary Clinton’s FBI woes related to her emails, for American voters these are real issues that matter in the elections and besides the concerns on outsourcing of jobs, rising unemployment, the health care worries and a world of geopolitical uncertainties the outcome of the election will not be dependent on a single issue.

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I had the opportunity to cover the election from close quarters, was one of the few international journalists who managed to scoop the interview with the Republican Presidential contender Donald Trump, he was frank and straightforward not blinking even on difficult questions.

The Trump campaign did speak out strongly on issues like terrorism and has the plan to take the terror Ayatollahs head on, but he came across as impulsive but this appealed to the US voters who found him to be honest, fed up with alleged corruption of the Clinton.

The Trump Triumph what it means for India

While Hillary’s campaign was better organized, and she came across as better prepared which helped her in scoring over her rival in the debates. However, she suffered the trappings of the arrogance of winning too early, even ordering a fireworks display for the winning party which will not happen.

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Trump triumphed on a campaign with a strong drive for a powerful America, a strong pitch against Islamic terror and his loyal fan base of supporters across the US, ensured that he won. And with the FBI knocking on the doors on Clinton’s doorstep it did help Trump swing the undecided voters.

Trump is good for India

Strong ties with India has been a focus of both campaigns, and the India relationship has gone beyond the narrow prism of domestic politics. There is a growing bipartisan support as was evident in the aftermath of surgical strikes by India. The issuance of a Diwali stamp, the UN building being lit for Diwali are all signals of India’s growing importance in the US.

Trump’s strong supporter Shalabh Shalli Kumar has been a key architect of Trump’s India policy and shares his resolve to counter terrorism, he may play a key role

In the Trump Presidency

While Trump’s strong anti-terrorism pitch and a line that he will hit terror sanctuaries in Pakistan and elsewhere are good for India, given the fact that usual US approach has been to advise restraint to India. That approach may change with Trump advocating a tougher line.

On trade, Trump understands the intricacies of running a business and economic diplomacy will be on top of his agenda.

Diplomacy is about chemistry, and Trump may strike a better chemistry with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, However, given India’s increasing influence in the global arena and multiple layers of engagement, the new boss at the oval office Donald Trump will ensure that India will be high on the agenda of the new US President.

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