NASA’s Webb is 100 times more powerful than Hubble

The Hubble, as we have grown up, all the major discoveries in the outer space were made by this telescope. Named after a famous scientist Hubble.

Now, engineers have finished assembling the telescope that will succeed Hubble. This huge and  more powerful new observatory known as James Webb is  to be launched in two years from now. It will go into space on a European Ariane rocket from French Guiana.

“We have to shake it as it will be shaken by the rocket,” explained senior project scientist John Mather.

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“The number one challenge was: how do you know it will focus in space, especially after we learned that Hubble was not quite in focus when we launched? “We’ve learned how to do that.”

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a cooperative venture between NASA and its European and Canadian counterparts.

Webb is fitted with a mirror that has a diameter of 6.5m, to collect much more light than hubble. Webb will carry technologies capable of detecting the light from the first stars to shine in the Universe.

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