Picturesque Goa in the era of Hippies


Goa of 70’s and 80’s, was said to be the most popular destination for the hippies.  ‘Our Thing Now’, EDM or Trance music was born in this land.

No matter where you are from, no matter what is the plan, Goa is definitely the name at the tip of your tongue and in the list of your travellouge. we bring to you the pictures of Goa then in the era of Hippies. 

For the hippies, this place was like a paradise on earth. With the suntanned skin and the fun-filled day, the night has completely different stories to speak. Moonlight parties, late night concerts and most of a lot of drugs was there during those time. As there was very no limitation the 70’s were like the best of the times for the hippies in Goa.

1988_Chappora-Fort-1988-_-Inge-DanjunaChappora Fort, Goa, 1988



Girl selling Hashish & Charas in Anjuna flea market, the early 1970s


Party in Baga, Goa, February 1988


Party on the front of Disco Valley, Vagator, Goa, 1988

1987_Vagator-87-88Party in Vagator, Goa, 1987-88 season


Full moon party morning, Anjuna, Goa, 1979

1979_Full-Moon-morning-Anjuna-Goa-1979_Jacques-LastryBFull moon party morning, Anjuna, Goa, 1979

party Morning

Full moon party morning, Anjuna, Goa, 1979


Full moon party dancers, Goa 1978


Calengute Beach, Goa,  1974


The Anjuna Jam Band – the first electric full moon party on the South end of Anjuna Beach 1976


Anjuna Beach, Goa, 1976


Anjuna flea market, Goa, 1982


A morning of New Years Eve party, Goa, 1979


Full moon party, Goa, 1979-80 season  1978x_NYE-party-late-70s-8FE-Sunny-Schneider

8 Finger Eddie (RIP) with the band in New Years Eve party in the late 70s


Full Moon party in Anjuna Beach, Goa in January 1978 (Photo by Sunny Schneider).

1977x_Gilbert-Garcia-Band-—-with-Geoffrey-Goa-Gil-and-Gilbert-Garcia.Gilbert Garcia Band performing at a full moon party. Goa Gil on bass in the middle and Gilbert Garcia on guitar on his right

Late 1977, Full moon party morning on South Anjuna beach (Photo by Sunny Schneider).

1976_Vagator-by-moonlight1976_Michel-Hilzinger3Vagator by Moonlight, Goa, 1976


1973x_Early-Flea-Market-ON-Anjuna-BeachEarly Flea market on Anjuna Beach, Goa, the 1970s


Goa Gil & Arriane in their house in Goa in the early 1970s

197x_Full-Moon-mid-70sAFull Moon party in Goa in mid-1970s

All Images source: trancentral

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