\ (REOPENS DEL 68) (REOPENS DEL 68)\ Madhesis constitute about 35 per cent of Nepali\population and are connected with India through social and\family bonds.\ He said India has welcomed these efforts and hopes that\they will further \\"consolidate\\" democracy in Nepal and will\bring security peace and prosperity there.\ The then President K R Narayanan was the last President\to visit Nepal in 1998 and before him, Giani Zail Singh had\visited the country in 1986.\ Dalela said there will no new agreements signed during\the visit as the emphasis is on to implement the projects\which have already been signed with Nepal.\ On the question of Nepal not coming forward with\post-earthquake development projects where they needed India\\’s\help, Dalela said,\\"I must say we are moving forward now….We\have received some projects in cultural heritage sector and we\are trying to work with Government of Nepal to put in place\implementation modalities.\\"\ India has extended grant assistance of 250 million USD in\addition line of credit to the tune of 750 million USD has\been extended for the reconstruction projects for the\earthquake ravaged country, he said.\ A strong earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015 had killedearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000.\ When asked about cooperation on anti-terror and porus\border with Nepal, Dalela said both countries have very strong\security cooperation with Nepal.\ He referred to statement issued by Foreign Office of\Nepal, as Chair of Saarc, condemning cross border terror.\ He said security agencies of both the countries cooperate\very closely and in future this cooperation will be\strengthened further. PTI ABS\RG\


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