\ The manner in which the Narendra Modi government was The manner in which the Narendra Modi government was\functioning, it was establishing a \\"new political culture\\" in\the country, Jaitley said.\ \\"You have in the Prime Minister a leader who has the\courage and capacity to take decisions. He is even willing to\take tough decisions, at times, even unpopular decisions,\provided they are in the larger interest of the country,\\" he\said.\ \\"Today, people say, he (Modi) is moving too fast. That is\how governments are supposed to be led. On the issue ofational security, he has shown clarity of mind and firmness\which are attached to the very character and philosophy of the\BJP,\\" the Finance Minister said.\ Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah\Naidu, BJP Andhra Pradesh affairs in-charge Siddharth Nath\Singh, state party chief and MP K Haribabu, state ministers K\Srinivas and P Manikyala Rao were present at the event among\others. PTI DBV NP\RC\


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