The Embassy further said China-India trade cooperation

\ has deepened over the years and the bilateral trade has grown\24 times in 15 years, from USD 2.9 billion in 2000 to USD 71.6\billion in 2015.\ \\"China has become India\\’s largest trading partner, source\of imports and fourth largest export market. Moreover, India\is the China\\’s largest trading partner in South Asia and ninth\largest export market in the world,\\" it said.\ According to the statement, the distinct features of\China-India trade are mutual benefits and growing inter-\dependence, which contributes to the full use of factors of\production and maximization of the benefits to all the people.\ \\"In 2015, China has imported 2 billion dollars worth of\cotton and more than 100 million dollars worth of black tea\from India, bring benefits to 1.2 million cotton growers and\50000 tea farmers and sellers in India.\ \\"Moreover, 60-70 per cent of Indian APIs for its\pharmaceutical industry are from China. China has played an\important role in Indian pharmaceutical industry\\’s march to EU\and America market.\ \\"China also exported a lot of electronic and household\products which are attractive both in price and quality.\Chinese products not only lowered India\\’s inflation rate, but\also fulfilled Indian ordinary people, especially the low-\income people\\’s daily needs, greatly improved their life\quality.\\" PTI BJ\MR\


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