\ \\"The earlier solution with carpenters was not very visual \\"The earlier solution with carpenters was not very visual\or imaginative. With the power of technology, we are able to\real-time generate photo quality output so that the customers\can actually visualize how their homes would look.\ \\"These images rendered to full quality give a visually\realistic sense to the customer on how their homes would look\well before the actual interior design service is done,\\" says\Rajiv Srivatsa, COO and Co-founder, Urban Ladder.\ Besides offering facilities online, Bengaluru-based\HomeLane also has experience centres in several cities\including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, to educate\their customers, considering the nascent stage of the\industry.\ \\"Customers can visit our experience centres to get\professional inputs on the process and then take a call. We\believe in educating our customers on materials, finishes,\processes and choices, so that they may make informed\decisions,\\" says Rama, Co-Founder of HomeLane.\ The brand hosts a virtual design platform, \\’SpaceCraft\\’,\that aids one with relevant designs for their home with the\option to iterate design and other elements and see how it\affects cost right away.\ \\"So you get to walk out with a design and a quotation in\hand,\\" says Rama. PTI TRS BK\TRS\


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