‘Made in India’ consumer robot wins the Dell Challenge!

i2u2 is a simple and affordable telepresence robot, which can be controlled remotely through a mobile, tablet, or PC via an app connected to the internet. It enables the user to be virtually present at the location where the robot is, thereby allowing people to interact, monitor, or move around, with family, friends, or colleagues.

i2u2 aims to address the challenges of professionals and people who live life on-the-go but want to enjoy a natural interaction with family members. i2u2 has more advantages than a pure video calling solution because the user ‘dialling in’ has full control over both video and mobility of the device (the robot) in the house, and can freely move the robot around different rooms, ‘see’ and be ‘be seen’.

This enables a more natural interaction and address challenges that come with the older generation not being technology-savvy, young children being uninterested in interacting in front of a screen, and the complexities of infrastructure and technology itself.


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