\ Sources in the armed forces said that the Services had Sources in the armed forces said that the Services had\issued an order for \\"Redesignation of Appointments of AFHQ\Civil Service Officers posted at Headquarters between 2003-08)\under which a Director was re-designated as Principal\Director and a Joint Director as Director.\ It was clearly brought out that designations were purely\local and would be used for day-to-day purposes alone and not\entail change in status, prevailing rank and equivalence,\sources said.\ \\"It is further clarified that the present reiteration of\rank equivalence is only for matters of assigning duties and\functional responsibilities as is already existing in\different offices of the respective Service HQrs of the Army,\Navy and Air Force having component of Service personnel as\well as civilian officers.\ \\"It has no bearing on civilian employees outside these\offices of the Service HQrs. It is reiterated that there is no\change in the rank structure or the status of the Armed Forces\personnel,\\" the statement said.\ However, sources alleged that Office of JS (Training) and\Chief Administrative Officer has been issuing regular orders\establishing protocol and status equivalence based on the\redesignation.\ They fear that with the letter of October 18 a Joint\Secretary in the MoD will go a notch higher than a Major\General. PTI SAP\SK\


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