\ Ahead of the sixth plenary, a key policy body of the CPC, Ahead of the sixth plenary, a key policy body of the CPC,\official media said the party needed a strong leader like Mao,\and Xi fitted the bill speculating that the collective\leadership may be dispensed with.\ State-run Global Times even published a \\"poll\\" with over\70 per cent people endorsing Xi as \\"core leader\\".\ The plenum said members should resolutely safeguard the\authority of the CPC and its central, unified leadership while\pushing forward the comprehensive and strict governance of the\party.\ The communique also urged them to become more aware of theeed to uphold political integrity, keep in mind the bigger\picture, follow the CPC as the core of the Chinese leadership\and act consistently with CPC Central Committee policy.\ \\"Together we must build a clean and righteous political\environment, and ensure that the party unites and leads the\people to continuously open up new prospects for socialism\with Chinese characteristics,\\" it said.\ The plenum also approved two documents on the discipline\of the party including the norms of political life within the\party under the new situation and a regulation on intra-party\supervision, Xinhua quoted a communique as saying.\ The CPC also promised to address election malpractice,\putting an end to the buying and selling of official posts and\vote rigging.\ Requesting an official post, honour or special treatment\is not allowed under any circumstances, it said.\ The communique also underscored that the practice of\bargaining with party organisations to secure a promotion or\disobeying any decisions made by party organisations is\also forbidden.\ The selection and appointment of officials should not be\contaminated by outside interference or misconduct, it said.\ It also endorsed the expulsion of former party chief of\Liaoning Province and senior national legislator Wang Min and\former Beijing deputy party chief Lyu Xiwen.\ It also confirmed the expulsion of former senior military\officials Fan Changmi and Niu Zhizhong. They were expelled as\as part of massive anti-corruption campaign carried out by Xi\after he took over as CPC head.\ Over 1.01 million officials of the 88.75 million-strong\CPC were punished in the anti-graft campaign amid allegations\that Xi has also used it to consolidate his hold on the party.\PTI KJV KUN AKJ\KUN\


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