Amit Shah hits out at SP, BSP on law and order in UP

\ Etawah (UP), Oct 27 (PTI) With ruling Samajwadi Party and\Uttar Pradesh government pulling in different directions, BJP\chief Amit Shah today said neither \\"bua\\" (aunt Mayawati) nor\\\"bhatija\\" (nephew Akhilesh) can improve law and order in the\state.\ He also lashed out at \\"chacha-bhatija\\" (state SP chief\Shivpal and CM Akhilesh), saying a dispute between them over\\\"sharing of booty\\" left the state deprived of funds for\implementation of central government schemes.\ Shah was addressing \\"sankalp maharally\\" at exhibition\ground here — a Samajwadi Party pocket borough.\ Attacking both Samajwadi Party and BSP on the law and\order front, he recalled that under the Kalyan Singh\government, criminals were either behind the bars or were\underground.\ He alleged during the SP and BSP rule, mafia elements\flourished.\ Shah said neither Mayawati nor Akhilesh can improve law\and order and, given a chance, BJP will show what law and\order meant.\ \\"Mafia elements prosper under the Akhilesh and Mayawati\governments, they cannot improve law and order…Akhilesh had\recently said that till I am CM, Mukhtar Ansari\\’s party cannot\join SP…I want to ask if he is not the CM now…what\happened to your promise…(even) if Mukhtar does not come\…what will you do with Atiq Ahmed, Afzal and Azam Khan…?\\"\he said.\ \\"Behenji (Mayawati) ke yaha bhi (goonday) baithey hain\(The anti-social elements are with her too,\\" he said, seeking\their names from the public only to remark \\"we don\\’t have any\in our party…this is the party of patriots and there is no\place for goondas,\\" he said.\ \\"Behenji says that she will impove law and order, but I\want to remind her that rape cases had gone up by 161 per cent\and 1,100 dalits were killed when she was in power,\\" he said.\ \\"SP government too has made a mockery of law and order…\had there not been government\\’s patronage, Ram Vriksha Yadav\would not have dared to encroach government land (in Mathura)\…the goondas of SP have encroached upon the land of poor in\villages.\ \\"I want to assure you that if there is a BJP chief\minister at the helm (after 2017 Assembly polls), then within\24 hours the mafia elements will themselves flee from Uttar\Pradesh,\\" he said. (MORE) PTI SAB SMI\SK\SK\


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