What to expect from Apple’s Mac event this week!


The wait for an update for the new Mac Line up for Apple Fans will be over soon as the company announces the new line up Thursday at 10:30 p.m. IST.

We’ve been hearing about new MacBook Pros from various sources all year, and Apple just leaked images of it in a new macOS update earlier this week. It looks like a major update that adds some all-new stuff and brings in a few iPhone innovations to boot.

The biggest change will be a long, thin OLED strip across the top of the keyboard that will replace the standard row of function keys. Its purpose will remain the same, but developers will allegedly be able to display different “keys” in that row to provide different shortcuts for different apps. It’s a way to begin melding the flexibility of a software keyboard with the comfort of a hardware keyboard, something Apple seems to be interested in lately. An Apple-designed co-processor could be used to drive the display, according to some reports.

Apple is also planning to implement a version of its Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the new laptops. This will be the first time the Mac has a biometric authentication option. The feature will be used to support Apple Pay in Safari in macOS Sierra, a feature which currently requires an Apple Watch or iPhone with Apple Pay configured.

The laptops’ design is also said to be getting an overhaul for the first time since getting Retina in 2012. Apple has used advancements in display and battery technology to make the MacBook thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air. We expect the company to use many of the same technologies to the same end in the Pro lineup.



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