Tata ‘Mistry’ Deepens: Read the letter Mistry sent

Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus, Ratan N Tata, Tata Sons, Cyrus P Mistry,

In what can only be called an unprecedented turn of events for one of the biggest corporate giants of the country, Ratan Tata has taken over Tata as interim CEO as the board looks for someone to replace Cyrus Mistry.

Mistry has appealed this decision in the Bombay High Court and has filed a suit for wrongful termination. Tata has not officially given out a statement yet about the exact reasons why he was removed, for Mistry nearly doubled the market cap of Tata while he was CEO.

Full text of Cyrus Mistry's letter to Tata board by Swarajya on Scribd

NewsMobile cannot yet confirm the validity of the source, and attest to the authenticity of whether this was Mistry’s email.

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