Modi govt only believes in headline management: Congress

\ New Delhi, Oct 26 (PTI) With a World Bank report putting\India in a poor light on \\"Ease of doing business\\", Congress\today had a dig at Modi government saying it only believed in\\\"headline management\\".\ \\"Government of Narendra Modi is a Government which\believes not in policy management but in \\’Headline Management\\’\and unfortunately, in the past 2-1/2 years, that is all that\they have focused upon\\", party spokesman Manish Tewari told\reporters.\ He said when \\"Headline Management\\’ is a pre-occupation,\policy becomes a causality and that is why you have all these\reports which are now surfacing\\".\ Insisting that the government has been an \\"abject failure\on almost every parameter, he said the economy is in \\"deep\trouble\\" and except for \\"sensationalization, jingoism\and \\’Headline Management\\’, there is nothing else which\pre-occupies the attention of this government.\ In the World Bank\\’s latest \\’Doing Business\\’ 2017 report,\India\\’s place remained unchanged from last year\\’s original\ranking of 130 among the 190 economies that were assessed on\various parameters. But last year\\’s ranking has been revised\to 131 from which the country has improved its place by one\spot. PTI SPG\RG\


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