WikiLeaks unveils President Obama’s personal Emails from 2008

US President, Barack Obama, Republican, Donald Trump, White House, Democrat, Hillary Clinton
US President, Barack Obama, Republican, Donald Trump, White House, Democrat, Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks has published US President Barack Obama‘s private e-mail address by issuing hacked e-mails, in yet another possibly embarrassing document dump pointing the Democrats, a media report stated.

The tweets mentioned that even more of Obama’s personal communications would be published.

According to the reports, the WikiLeaks published seven emails including an e-mail address indicated to be that of the commander-in-chief:

The e-mails are from 2008 before and around the time Obama was about to win the election and become America’s first African-American president. They reveal plans to form a diverse team for the Obama administration and “staffing a transition economic team”.

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On the Election Day, dated November 4th, 2008, Co-chair of Obama’s transition team, John Podesta requests Obama not to accept an invitation to a G-20 summit held on November 15, on the chance that outgoing President George W Bush extends an invitation after his win.

When the G-20 gathered in Washington, Obama was absent.

The White House refused to comment. The US intelligence officials believe Russia harmonized the extensive cyber attacks into Democratic Party-related e-mails.

The Obama mails were amongst some 23,000 e-mails stolen from Podesta, who now toils as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman.

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The alleged Obama e-mails were from 2008 when the young Illinois senator was about to acquire his historic White House bid and was assembling a team. The e-mails largely address staffing a transition economic team and adding diversity to a future Obama administration.


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