6 signs that indicate your relationship is coming to an end

Clicking on this article as you are thinking in the back of your head of breaking up with the person you are dating at this moment. You keep holding your thoughts back because you are scared to break up with the person with so many memories, regardless of how you have been treated. So, here are the reasons it might be the time to move on from your unhealthy relationship:

1. Trust has been eroded


A relationship stands on pillars of trust, love, and respect if the trust has been eroded or damaged in any way fear and suspicion takes place which is not a good sign in a strong relationship.

2.When he/she tries to change youlisten-to-her

Your partner shouldn’t tell you to change until it is for your well-being. Some of them expect you to lose weight or others want you to dress up like the way they want. *Such a Freak*

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3. When you keep justifying his/her actions to yourself.


Whenever we experience a situation in which we are uncomfortable but don’t want to agree that the situation is bad we try to justify it. If you are continuously justifying his acts then you seriously need to move on!

4. When the same situation/issue recurs even though you tried addressing it

Caucasian couple arguing on sofa

Once there is a fight you can solve it by talking to each other but when the fight over the same thing takes place again you might don’t want to give him/her another chance.

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5. When you stay on, expecting things to get better


Just like you shouldn’t live in your past, you should not live in your future also. If the only thing that’s making you hold your relationship is the hope for future then you should not think much of breaking up.

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6. Your partner tries to please others, but not you


When he/she goes out of the way to please another person and be generous and patient with other people but he’s not so generous with you then it’s the time for a breakup!



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