Lindsay Lohan supplies Syrian refugees with energy drinks

Actress Lindsay Lohan has decided to send help to Syrian refugees in Turkey by shipping them German energy drink Mintanine.

The 30-year-old “Mean Girls” actress recently made a humanitarian visit to Turkey to visit refugees from the war torn city of Aleppo in Syria, and plans to continue her efforts from home, reported the New York Post.

The “Just My Luck” star has partnered with German energy drink company Mintanine, and the beverage, which is also available at the star’s Greek nightclub, will be delivered to the refugee camps.

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“There’s hardly food, water or anything, so at this point sending anything is helpful. This is all part of Lindsay’s mission to help refugees.”

Mintanine is described on its website as “blue lemonade”, but also boasts that it doesn’t contain any “synthetic flavours”.

“We do not use synthetic flavors or caffeine, no taurin, no aspartam, no inosit, but natural guarana,” the site says.

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