This Indian-American Man Is One Of Donald Trump’s Biggest Donors!

Shalabh Kumar, Donald Trump, US elections, highest donation, $9000000m 6 crore
Shalabh Kumar, Donald Trump, US elections, highest donation, $9000000m 6 crore

Donald Trump may find himself embroiled in one controversy after another, but one supporter is trying to convince a largely Democrat-leaning Indian-American community to vote for the Republican nominee for president.


Indian-American industrialist Shalabh Kumar hit the headlines when he and his wife together donated nearly $900,000 (around Rs 6 crores) towards Donald Trump’s campaign in July, becoming one of his biggest individual donors. Currently, the 68-year-old Chicago-based businessman is trying to rally more people to his cause by organising a star-studded fundraiser where Trump will address a gathering of “Hindu-Americans”.

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At a press conference in Delhi, Kumar announced that the ticketed charity concert and cultural event would be held at New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center on 15 October.

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Mr Shalabh here, who is currently in New Jersey for the Convention, that is specially for the Hindu – American Audiences in America. In Shalabh’s own words, Donald is the only man “who looks for the camel in the room and calls it out”.

Here is NewsMobile Exclusive interview with Editor-In-Chief Saurabh Shukla, who is currently at the epicentre of the US Elections.

Stay tuned with NewsMobile for live updates from New Jersey, where the convention is currently being held.


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