Here’s why girls are the special gift of god!

It’s hard being a girl more than a boy, on this International Girl Child Day NewsMobile gives a glimpse of how special a women,a daughter,a wife,a mother is!

She has many responsibilities on her starting from a ‘daughter’, being a daughter she has a responsibility of her home, she has to keep everyone happy, her father, her mother even as an elder sister you have to take care of your younger siblings and as a younger sister you have to listen to your elder siblings.


After her role as a daughter gets over, she is somebody’s ‘wife’, the hardest part is to leave her house and move her whole world to somebody’s house. She has to look after her new house, her husband, her in laws and make them happy. If a woman is doing job then she has to look after her job as well take care of her family. She has to take the burden of everything on her shoulders.


After a wife, the toughest part of the life begins when she becomes a ‘mother’. She has to carry a human life inside her womb. A woman actually is an eight-handed goddess, she looks after her house, her family, her husband and now a new responsibility gets added and that’s her baby. She has to look after her baby all the time with all the other responsibilities on her shoulders.


A women is a mixture of unconditional love and moments of contempt. Whatever is your relationship with her, she will always hold a special space in your heart. She is irreplaceable for good reasons and although what she was thinking on the inside, she always had your best interest at heart.



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