Where can you get the cheapest iPhone 7?

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Brazil, Indonesia, Apple, iPhone, iPhone7, iPhone7 price, iPhone 7 price India, India, cheapest iPhone, cheapest iPhone 7,

Apple’s high-end iPhone models are some of the most expensive smartphones you can buy, and if you live outside the US, you have to pay even more for them. According to the latest price report, the device is up to 156% more expensive in countries like Brazil and Indonesia.

While it is true that the phone is expensive nonetheless, one should note that there are certain measures that you can take to minimise the cost. Needless to say, it is obvious that India is not the place where your Apple product will be available at its cheapest. India does not even have an official Apple Store yet. There are resellers and authorised premium resellers like FutureWorld.

However, a clean glass showroom with nothing but the Apple logo is yet to come to Connaught Place or the markets of Mumbai.

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In order to keep things relatable, all prices here are expressed in US Dollars and their percentages.

Brazil was  the most expensive place to buy an iPhone last year, while Indonesia has climbed up to second place from third in 2015. India, where an iPhone 6 costs $784, is up to fourth from fifth, while France is up to 8th from 12th last year.

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From Most expensive to the least expensive, the list is as follows:

  1. Brazil $950 or 156% the original price of the phone.
  2. Sweden $800 or 145% the price.
  3. India $780 or 131% the price.
  4. Netherlands $732 or 122% the price
  5. New Zealand $697 or 117% of the US Price.
  6. Singapore $661 or 111% the cost
  7. United States  $600 or 100% the price.

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So it seems that the best way to buy a new iPhone will be to ask your US-wala relative to get one for you the next time. It also helps if your relative is an Apple employee, who can avail almost 25% discount on Apple products. If you don’t have a friend who is an Apple Employee, but you happen to be in the US, the best time to be there will be during the holiday season (Nov – Dec) where retailers like Walmart and BestBuy will offer you some great discounts.

If you think that will still be expensive, you can always buy a refurbished Apple iPhone from the United States, that will be almost half the cost, but will also be a second hand product with limited warranty.

Still expensive? Buy an Android phone.


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