In between Indo-Pak tension, India’s step towards peace

14-year-old, Mohammad Tanvir, Indian Soldier, Chandu Babulal Chavan, Pakistan
14-year-old, Mohammad Tanvir, Indian Soldier, Chandu Babulal Chavan, Pakistan

Pakistan who refused to release our Indian Soldier Chandu Babulal Chavan, who had crossed the border unwittingly, India has shown altruism by releasing the 14-year-old Mohammad Tanvir, a grazer, who too had come over to the Indian side unknowingly.

The 14-year old was grazing cattle on the other side of the border when he crossed over to quench his thirst from a tube well in the Indian territory. Tanvir entered 400 meters into the Indian territory when the BSF jawans caught hold of him.

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Tanvir belongs to the Thari village which is across the border was interrogated by the security forces but nothing suspicious was recovered from him. After flag meeting, the BSF decided to hand him over to Pakistan.

Later that evening, two of the company commanders of the BSF and Pakistan Rangers met near the border outpost. After Pakistan confirmed Tanvir to be its national, India handed over him to the rangers.

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However, Chandu Babulal and Tanvir are facing the same problems but Pakistan has refused to hand the soldier back to India. Indian officials are trying to convince the counterpart for the release of the soldier securely.



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