7 Celebrities who did not wanted to be a part of Bigg Boss!

The most awaited Bigg Boss season 10 is here, and people out there couldn’t be more excited! Every day there is news of a celebrity taking part in the show, only adding to our excitement. The show is packed with drama, fun, link ups, break ups and most importantly, the BIG FIGHTS of all the times!

1. Karan Singh Grover


When asked about coming on the show, Karan expressed disinterest about taking part in the show. It is because he does not like the idea of being in public scrutiny 24*7.

2. Shiney Ahuja


Recently, a tentative list of big boss participants came in which Shiney Ahuja topped the list. He recently refused to be the participant in the eighth season of the show.

3. Rannvijay Singh


Ranvijay Singh refused to content the show not because of disinterest but because of lack of time. He continuously refused to be a part of the show for seven years because of all the work he has on his plate. He also added that the show does not appeal to him.

4. Jackie Shroff


Jackie Shroff refused to host as well as contest the show if he would be there, he would have set the Bigg Boss house on fire!

5. Honey Singh


The rapper was asked to enter the Bigg Boss house in season 6, but he refused to do so. According to the media reports, he said he’s not the part of the show as he was not offered enough money.

6. Shama Sikander


She declined the show several times, and when she declined she was asked the reason behind that, she said she didn’t like the format of the show.

7. Aishwarya Sakhuja


The actress said that she’s been offered the show in the past but she thinks it is too challenging. Well, given that she’s done Khatron Ke Khiladi, this should be a piece of cake for her!



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