How to take care of your heart amid a stressful lifestyle

Here are a few tips coming out on the World Heart Day, to keep your heart pumping lively in the stressful lifestyle, we have all managed to get ourselves into!

Tip1: 30 mins brisk walk everyday. You can choose your convenient time, morning or evening.

Tip2: Eat healthy. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables, ensure that they become a part of your daily routine. You may include other nutritious element in your intake like, fibre rich, protein rich diet. This also signifies a reduction in fast food and oily food. One must also reduce salt intake, as it creates various other health problems.

Tip3: Yoga. Practice yoga and meditation everyday. this will calm an appease all the internal squabbles.

Tip4: I do not want to sound bossy or anything, but reduce alcohol intake and cigarette. Purely medical reasons.

Tip5: Talk your heart out, make mistakes, loose control. Don’t keep things inside your heart and mind. Life is too short. Live it or Leave it! is up to you.

Tip6: Good sleep. Reduce Fat. Try to maintain the right BMI index for your body.

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