Hillary vs Trump: Clash for the White house

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The US Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump went head-to-head in the Presidential debate on Tuesday morning. The two faces of the US elections exchanged a series of debate on various issues like national security, tax reforms, Iran deal, Russia, climate change and gender equality.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dominated Trump in a final series of the debate on national security and gender, telling voters they could not trust her Republican counterpart with nuclear weapons and warning that he does not respect women.

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Both Hillary and Trump concluded the big face off by saying they will accept the outcome if the other wins.

Hillary Clinton, Donald J. Trump, Democrat, Republican, US presidential, US president, White House, Barack Obama, US elections, US elections 2016, Debate, Presidential Debate

Here are a few of the highlights:

Clinton’s emails

Clinton’s E-mail controversy became the highlight of the debate as Trump claimed that he will disclose his tax returns as soon as Clinton will release her 33,000 emails which had been deleted by her. To which Clinton confessed to it by calling it a ‘mistake’.

Donald Trump

“I will release my tax returns if Clinton releases her 33,000 emails.”

Hillary Clinton

I made a mistake using private emails during my tenure as secretary of state.”

Racial politics

Racial politics is something that the US is dealing for a long time and during the big face off between the two pillars of the US elections, Democratic candidate attacked Trump for being racially discriminating.

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In reply, the Republican candidate recalled the bitter relations between Hillary and Obama for brief period.
Hillary Clinton

“Trump has said black voters have ‘nothing to lose’ by supporting his candidacy but he was forced to answer for his role in claiming Barack Obama was born outside the United States. He has spread a ‘racist lie’ that our “first black president” was not an American citizen. Trump has a long record of engaging in racist behavior. He was sued for racial discrimination by justice department twice”

Donald Trump

“I recall the bitter debates between Clinton and Obama during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. Hillary Clinton treated Obama with disrespect during debate .Acting ‘holier than thou’ don’t work.”

Islamic State

Islamic State being one of the biggest concerns for world leaders, Hillary Clinton claimed that Donald Trump has no plan to combat the radical group.
Replying to it, Trump said that unlike Clinton, he hasn’t put his action plan against ISIS on his website.
Hillary Clinton

“The secret behind Donald Trump’s ‘secret plan’ to defeat ISIS is that he has no plan. We have to intensify our air strikes against ISIS.”

Donald Trump

“If we had taken oil, ISIS would never have formed. Oil is their primary source of income. ISIS is using internet against us. They are beating us in our own game.”


Hillary Clinton

“Trump’s tax policies were akin to “Trumped-up trickle-down” economics. He has pushed economic policy that favoured the rich at the expense of the middle class. The few years of tax returns Trump had released showed that despite his wealth, he had paid no federal income tax.”

Donald Trump

“That makes me smart.” “I have a tremendous income, and it was about time that someone running the country knew something about money.”


Hillary Clinton

“I have a feeling that by the end of this evening I’ll be blamed for everything that ever happened.”

Donald Trump

“Why not?” “I think my strongest asset by far is my temperament. I know how to win.”

Hillary Clinton

“Whew. OK.”


Russia being an effective force in US politics, Hillary alleged Trump for inviting Russia for investigating on her’s emails.  Interrupting Clinton, Trump rubbished the allegations calling then ‘Wrong’.

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Hillary Clinton

“Donald Trump invited Putin to call out Americans. He invited Russia to find my emails.”

Donald Trump

“Wrong. Russia’s been expanding. They have much newer capabilities than we do.”

Iran deal

Donald Trump

“Iran deal made by US is one of the worst deals made by any country.”

Hillary Clinton

“Iran was “weeks away” from a nuclear bomb when she became secretary of state. She said the Obama administration thwarted that progress.”

Gender wars

Taking a jib on Clinton, Trump claimed that Hillay is not fit for the position of the President as she lack stamina.

Donald Trump

“Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the stamina to be president.”

Hillary Clinton

“Trump shouldn’t talk about stamina until he’s tried to maintain a busy schedule like that I kept up as secretary of state. “This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs.”

WATCH Full debate here:

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