5 midnight snacks for every night owl!

Are you one of those who stays awake at night, either surfing, reading book, studying, watching movies or anything, then midnight snacks is your solution to the problem. Have a look at the 5 best midnight snacks:

1. Wafers


Wafers are a blessings to lazy souls out there. You can grab a book and open the pack of wafers and enjoy them every time you are hungry.

2. Maggi Noodles


It is a must for every night owl, and now it is launched in three new flavors: Peri Peri, Chilly Chicken and Green Chilli, because sometimes you are way too hungry.

3. Cheesy Lemon Ricelemon-rice-recipe-step-by-step-how-to-make-lemon-rice

If u hear stomach growling in the middle of the night, then its the time to give rice the ‘lemon tadka’ with some cheese.


2-chocolate chip cookies-anne peterson-flickr

Everybody loves cookies and that too in the midnight, then if you feel like eating something sweet then yet fulfilling for your stomach at 3 am, then the cookies are there for you.

5. Popcorn 


Popcorns are the best, light and super easy snack you have have when you are awake at midnight. Grab popcorn, lay back on your seat and start watching a movie!


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