‘Be yourself’ Obama’s advice to Hillary

President Obama‘s advice to US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, brings to fore that whatever position you fight for, whichever level of stature you achieve, you need motivation and friends to support in your success. Irrespective of the confidence and strength you have gained over the year, nervousness and anxiety are common features when you are at the centre of the stage.

Before the first presidential debate in US on Monday, Obama’s advice for his Democratic Party’s White House nominee Clinton was “Be yourself and explain what motivates you.”

He added that Clinton “is motivated by a deep desire to make things better for people.” If Clinton wins this, she will be first woman US president, “so she is having to break down some barriers”, Obama said.

The US Presidential debate has huge audience, each minute gesture is scrutinised closely. Six weeks are left to vote on November 8, the turf is hot and stage is set.

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