Worst Nightmare Of Any Whatsapp Family Group Comes True; Here’s How

Think of the worst thing that could possibly happen to you on a family WhatsApp group chat. Yes, you are thinking it correctly; sending some picture accidently to you mom, dad, sister or relatives.

OK, now multiply that by 101. Because  this is the situation we’re facing right now.  Shweta Sangtani and Aashish Mehrotra, a happily married couple who happened to have witnessed the worst nightmare that could happen to a ‘Family’ Whatsapp group. They happen to get up on a good Wednesday morning to see the picture of a ‘Dick’ sent by their uncle on the family Whatsapp group.

Ashish’s Mama then tried to cover the whole incident by spamming the group with loads and loads of forwarded messages and articles to hide the ‘Dick’ picture somewhere in the stream but the metaphorical arrow had left the bow.

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When Ashish’s dad figured out what has happened, he removed everyone from the group, including Ashish.


When Shweta, wife of Ashish who already left the group came to know about the incident because notifications were flooding in her inbox, she did not spare anyone and posted the whole incident on Twitter.  who had already left the group before, came to know about the ‘incident’ because of too many notifications, she did not spare anybody and posted this on Twitter.

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Well, when technology comes together with family, it works in its own interesting ways!!

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