Mr. PM you must watch Indira from circa 1971

Narendra Modi, Indira Gandhi, Uri attack, interview, 1971 war, Pakistan, Prime Minister
Narendra Modi, Indira Gandhi, Uri attack, interview, 1971 war, Pakistan, Prime Minister

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the midst of a game changer decision that will be a key test of his leadership acumen on giving a fitting reply to terrorism from Pakistan.

The standoff following the deadly attack on Army base camp in Jammu & Kashmir’s Uri sector in which 18 soldiers of Indian Army were martyred last week has brought back memories of the last real leader India had in Indira Gandhi who was known for her tough spine that she demonstrated during the 1971 war.

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Prime Minister Modi has often conceded that he admired Indira.
It’s time to take inspiration from then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who took some bold steps during the 1971-Indio-Pak war and gave a stunning reply to Pakistan that resulted in the birth of a new nation-Bangladesh.

NewsMobile digs out an old interview of Indira Gandhi, taken few days before the Indo-Pak war in 1971.

Analysing the situation closely, the situation now seems as similar as in 1971, and Mr. Prime Minister must take some tips from Mrs. Gandhi’s strategies against the sponsors of terror.

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In the interview, Gandhi called the matter ‘very serious issue.’ On being asked whether India will attack Pakistan, Mrs. Gandhi didn’t deny but was at her diplomatic best “India always tries to be on the side of peace and negotiation, but at the same time we cannot endanger our security in any way.”

WATCH full interview of Indira Gandhi here:

Later, in the address to the Parliament after the war on December 18th, 1971, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi said: “We should not forget, the road ahead is still long and very steep and we have many peaks to scale. Let us hope that we can do this with the same spirit in which we have faced this challenge (1971 war) and we will go ahead from peak to peak raising our nation to new heights of quality and excellence.”

The current situation is might what Mrs. Gandhi referred as long and steep road, and let’s hope the Indian leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi act in the similar way Mrs. Gandhi did in 1971 as water has passed over the head and it the need of an hour to give back to Pakistan.


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