A God fearing person, Ramanujan, who always said, "an A God fearing person, Ramanujan, who always said, "anequation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought ofGod", was a man of intuition. Not having any formal education in mathematics, he reliedon intuition and deduction and not on proof – which to him wereobvious truths. "It’s the same for many creative people. When a writerchooses something particular to express himself, he isintuitive. It plays a role in creative endeavour," said Nandan. The documentary shows the tragic end of the genius at theage of 32. "It was a tragic end to a story of man as great as him,"said Nandan, whose next project is also based on the life ofIndian American mathematician Harish-Chandra. "It’s a remarkable story. Not many people are aware of hiswork. I hope it comes up well," said Nandan. PTI MGBKDK


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