"I think time has come when our three services chiefs "I think time has come when our three services chiefsshould have more say rather than what politicians want.Together with our Prime Minister and Defence Minister, itshould be the three services chiefs who should take a call atwhat should be our response to Uri-like attacks by looking atoverall picture," he said. "We should give a befitting reply and change this beliefthat Indians are ones who will never attack. Indian Army isone of best in the world. We are capable of so many things,"he said. Vishal said he still remembers a letter written to him byhis late brother, Capt Batra, on July 5, 1999, two days beforehe attained martyrdom. "Vikram wrote that our lives are at risk, but Army isdoing a wonderful job and we are behind those.. (enemies),"Vishal said in an emotional tone. "Looking at the sacrifices of our soldiers, governmentshould feel the need to take stern action now. When I lookedat coffins of those soldiers of the Uri attack, I said tomyself is this the life which our soldiers should live, whycan’t we hit back so strongly that the perpetrators never dareto even think of doing such a cowardly thing again," he said.PTI SUN VJ DIP DVDIP


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