UDF asks public to suggest issues to raise in Ker Assembly

Thiruvananthapuram, Sep 20 (PTI) Seeking to make thelegislature business more democratic and to ensure publicparticipation, Congress-led UDF opposition in Kerala hasinvited topics from people to raise in the state Assemblyfor the session that begins on September 26. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala, through a Facebookpost, requested people to suggest issues to be raised inthe House by the opposition members. The "innovative method" was part of plans to connect withthe masses on grass root level and understand their stand onvarious issues, UDF sources here said. It would also make legislature business a more democraticprocess, they added. In the Facebook post, Chennithala said people couldinform him about the issues to be raised in the House througha particular Facebook account. The government’s answers to the questions will also beconveyed to the people via the same account, he said. "The assembly session is beginning on September 26. Youcan direct us on what we should raise in the Assembly. Informus about the grave local problems in your locality to thestate level issues. We will try to raise it in the House onyour behalf," he said. "We are sure that you will take part in the initiative,which is aimed at making legislature business more democraticand to find solutions for the problems faced by the state,"he added. PTI LGK APRASVDK


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