Separate dustbins at stations for dry and wet garbage

New Delhi, Sep 20 (PTI) To carry out efficient disposalof waste, Railways has decided to provide separate dustbinsfor biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage on platformsand all passenger interface areas in major stations apart fromvending stalls. Zonal Railways will train the staff engaged in cleaningduties at railway stations for separate collection and furtherhandling for final disposal of segregated dry and wet wastefrom the dustbins. Seeking cooperation from all rail users to maintain thecleanliness of railway premises, Railways had issuedinstructions for efficient disposal of waste arising out ofpantry car services and static units, and for providingadequate dustbins on platforms and by the side of stalls atall railway stations for environment friendly disposal ofwaste, a release said. Railways will provide different coloured dustbins andpolythene liner bags for the waste like green forbio-degradable and black for non-biodegradable. In the first phase, Zonal Railways will ensure provisionof separate dustbins for segregated collection of garbage atall major stations immediately. PTI ARU AAR RGAAR


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