Elephant herd creates panic in Valparai

Coimbatore, Sep 20 (PTI) A herd of elephants has strayedinto human habitats in Valparai near here creating panic amongthe villagers, by destroying food items and damaging houses,police said today. The elephants have entered human habitats, mostly occupiedby tea estate workers, in search of food and damaged theirhouses. They also began consuming salt-mixed soil, used forconstruction, which led to panic among the workers in Sincona,police said. The herd razed to the ground the house of a woman,following which the forest officials, placed salt blocks onits path, so that the herd can deviate from its route, theyadded. Forest officials are keeping vigil at all entry points toprevent the elephants from intruding into human habitats. PTINVM ROHVS


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