Time for some decisive action to punish Pakistan

India, Narendra Modi, Uri attack, LeT, JeM
India, Narendra Modi, Uri attack, LeT, JeM

India must not buckle under global pressure and take decisive action against Pakistan, and a multi-pronged approach is needed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should lead from the front and set an example that he is capable of.

Here is what India needs to do:

1: Tactical strikes against terror camps and groups: pinpointed strikes against terror groups LeT, JeM and its leaders. India has the right to defend itself if Pakistan is unable to reign them in.

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2. Major diplomatic offensive: A major diplomatic offensive at the UN to declare Pakistan a terror state drawing on the pattern of Pakistan’s involvement in terror attack in India and abroad and in major attacks like 26/11 where foreign nationals were killed. Also expose its complicity in these attacks.

3: Press for economic measures, sanctions and clearly tell countries like the US, China, Saudi Arabia and UAE that companies doing business with Pakistan will not have a favourable status in India.

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4. Aggressive offensive on social media globally to share Pakistan’s role in being a terrorism epicentre across the globe.

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