Britney Spears fears dating despite being famous

Britney Spears , dating , famous

Pop star Britney Spears is scared of dating guys as she thinks being famous does not make her any different.

The 34-year-old singer, who recently revealed that she does not believe in the institution of marriage anymore, has opened up about her terrible dating experiences, reported People magazine.

“I had a really bad date. I mean, it was really bad. I’ve been single for ages and had a date with a guy I liked. I was getting anxious, worrying he wouldn’t like me. In the evening I got on the scales and I had lost six pounds.

“We went to the movies, but I could tell right away it wasn’t working. It was sort of awkward. So after the movie I came home and that was it. He just wasn’t that into me. I liked him. He knew that. But he definitely didn’t feel the same. It happens to everybody. Being famous doesn’t make you any different,” she said.

Spears last dated TV producer Charlie Ebersol for eight months until their split in June last year.


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