68 million Dropbox accounts hacked

internet, passwords, leaked, Dropbox
internet, passwords, leaked, Dropbox

The Cloud-based data storage corporation ‘Dropbox‘ declared that user IDs and passwords of approximately 68 million consumers were stolen four years ago and latterly leaked onto the internet.

The firm said on Thursday that it had no evidence that any of its user accounts were inappropriately entered, and that it had already informed the users and asked them to reset the passwords on the accounts.

The company experienced the theft of the data two weeks ago when the 68 million user credentials were posted online, and also indicated that they still don’t know how it happened and by whom!

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“The record of email addresses with hashed and salted passwords are real, however, we have no indication that Dropbox user accounts have been improperly accessed. We’re very sorry this happened and would like to clear up what’s going on,” the company responded in an emailed statement.

Dropbox assumes that the credentials were stolen in the year 2012. After studying the problem, the company said, “we then emailed all users we believed were affected and completed a password reset for anyone who hadn’t updated their password since mid-2012.”

“This reset ensures that even if these passwords are cracked, they can’t be used to access Dropbox accounts.”

Dropbox alerted its users that if they had signed up for its ongoing services before 2012 and had applied the similar password elsewhere, they should replace that in order to protect the account.

“Also, please be alert to spam or phishing because email addresses were included in the list,” the company announced.

Early this year, Dropbox reported that it had more than 500 million users, who save and share business records and files, images and videos, and every sort of additional data on its cloud servers.


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